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Neat Paracord Tricks

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As I sat on the beach, relaxing in the shade of a towel slung over a length of Paracord strung between two sticks stuck in the sand, I reflected on all the times I belted my pants, laced my shoes, and tied down cargo in my pick-up with this nifty hi-tech rope. And I got to thinking: what else can you do with it?

Paracord’s unique structure (inner filaments wrapped in a woven sheath) makes it suitable for more applications than an ordinary rope. Something told me I wasn’t taking full advantage of the product’s capabilities. So, long story short, my wife and I talked it over and decided to ask around. Folks amazed us with their creativity, we got dozens of responses (we’ll be sure to post them all on blog. Here are just a few:

- Use Paracord to apply a tourniquet above the wound; or to secure a splint over a fractured limb
- String a length of Paracord between two trees to make a clothes line. Or, toss a blanket or tarp over the line to create emergency shelter
- Paracord has excellent tensile strength. In an emergency, use it as a climbing harness or an escape ladder. Naturally a double- or triple-fold will hold more weight, so make sure you always have a large roll on hand
- In regions that suffer from tropical storms, hurricanes, and twisters, Paracord can protect your property. Use it to tie down lawn furniture, grills, etc.
- Hang up the food while camping to keep bears and raccoons away
- In a pinch, Paracord makes a serviceable dog collar and leash
- Inner filaments can be pulled out and used as fishing lines, dental floss, and string for mending your torn gear
- Outer sheath can be cut open length-wise. The resulting ribbon makes excellent non-slip, comfortable handle wraps for all your tools

If you’d like to try these cool ideas, or even brainstorm some NPT’s (Neat Paracord Tricks) of your own – we’d love to hear about it! Our collection of NPT’s on blog is for everyone to learn and enjoy. Share your ideas – it’s the right thing to do J

Happy tinkering!
All the best,
Alex and Marie (owners)

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